Why will my video not upload?

Here are some of the common issues other users have experienced:

Did you use Safari or an older version of Internet Explorer to access our website on your computer?

  • Unfortunately, some users have been experiencing technical difficulties with these browsers lately. We encourage you to use Google Chrome, Firefox or your smartphone to record or upload your video on our site.
Are you using an adblock service like "AdBlock" or "uBlock"?
  • If so, try disabling them when using Wirkn. Sometimes these applications can cause strange things to happen in your browser and may block your videos from uploading.
Are you trying to upload a video file from your computer and if so, is the video file a .WMV or .AVIS file format?
  • Sometimes our video service has trouble with these older file formats. We suggest converting the video into an alternative format (preferably MP4). This is a fairly painless process and can be done using a tool like this handy dandy video converter: https://www.onlinevideoconverter.com/start. Simply upload your video, select the output format of MP4 and when complete, download the converted video and upload it to Wirkn.
Is the video or QuickTime player still open when you try to upload the video on Wirkn?
  • Please make sure they're both closed before trying to upload your video on our website.

If you still can't upload your video after trying the solutions listed above, please reach out to service@wirkn.com.

Good luck on the job search!