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How to use the different status to manage my applications?

Are you unsure if you have already viewed a candidate profile? Do you keep forgetting if a candidate has the required qualifications? Wirkn has your back! Our unique sorting of candidate applications by status will make going through hundreds of applications seem like a breeze. It will also keep candidates up-to-date throughout the application process. 

You can navigate through the different status by clicking on their box at the top of the page. To change the status of an application, click on the “Move” icon at the right hand side of the table in the same row. You can also change the status on the candidate profile by clicking on the name of the  applicant and on the “Move” icon at the top right hand corner of the page. 

You can change the status of multiple applications at the same time by clicking on the checkbox next to the candidates’ names and on the “Move” icon at the bottom of the page. 

You can choose between the following status: 

  • NEW - This is the default status - all new applications will appear in this table. 
  • QUALIFIED - Use this status if you have viewed the profile and have determined that the candidate meets all the requirements necessary for the job.
  • CONTACTED - This status indicates that you have contacted the candidate via direct message, phone, or email.
  • HIRED - Remember to update the status of applicants you have hired to prevent further applications from coming in.
  • DECLINED - Lets the candidate know you will not be moving forward with their application at this time. 
  • NURTURING - You can use this status if you’re not moving forward with the candidate’s application, but might want to consider them for a future opportunity. 


Happy recruiting!