Do you have training videos?

We have a variety of training videos showing you all the tips and tricks on how to use the platform!

Happy viewing!

How to Create my account:

Video 1 - Create an account - EN

How to activate and deactivate jobs:

Video 2 - Activate Deactivate jobs


How to edit jobs:

Video 3 - Edit jobs

How to view applicants:

Video 4 - View Applicants - EN


How to filter applicants:

Video 5 - Filtering candidates - EN

How to organize your applicants:

Video 6 - Organizing your Applicants - EN

How to multi-select based on availabilities:

Video 7 - Filtering based on availabilities - EN

Other features (Interested Candidates, Settings, Managing your team and Saved Replies):

Video 8 - Other features - EN

Managing multiple locations:

Video 9 - Manage multiple locations - EN


Happy recruiting